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First Friday was Fun!

First Friday Art Walk was fun last night.

We were lucky with the weather, and a good crowd came out early on.

Cheri Piche was here for the opening of her wonderful exhibit, Images from Africa and we had the bonus of an unexpected appearance from Randy Buckner, playing jazz guitar. You can check out more about Randy on MySpace and Facebook. Hopefully we’ll convince Randy to come back again, so we can let you know in advance!

Randy Buckner played at Global Fayre for the First Friday Art Walk

Randy Buckner played at Global Fayre for the First Friday Art Walk

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First Friday Art Walk – update

Latest news from First Friday:

Fresh might not be open…..seems like the new gallery downtown might not make it open this time around – but they will be there for sure next time!

Jazz is all around us! A few months ago a number of galleries featured some up and coming jazz musicians…..we’re doing it again this month!

Check out all the latest here.

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The Bluetones Jazz Sextet

We’re excited to unveil the Bluetones at the First Friday Art Walk this week (March 6th).

Although this is their first playing together in Springfield, as their biographies show, this is a collection of experienced musicans with a wide range of influences.

The members of the Bluetones Jazz Sextet are Nick Rawlings on upright bass, Kurtis Foster on alto saxophone, Ian Roslawski on trumpet, Dugan Corsolini on trombone, Keith Haynes on guitar, and Austin Veteto on drums. Kurtis Foster is an up and coming alto saxophone player that has played with jazz greats such as James Golbapp and Arzo Tureaud. His committment to the Bluetones marks a new chapter of music discovery and exploration for the always adventurous Mr. Foster. Keith Haynes has been playing guitar for nearly a decade now, but has a past riddled with many genres of music. He originally started as a blues/rock musician and quickly shifted his focus to ska music. It was at this point that he formed the group “Big Willis Style” with Kurtis. Eventually Keith developed a preference for jazz and started to study and listen to it exclusively. Ian Roslawski has played classical music in seven European countries with the Missouri Ambassadors of Music. Austin Veteto has his roots in the Marching Band scene. He was a member of the Memphis Sound Drum and Bugle Corps. who won the World Championship and the High Percussion Trophey in the Drum Corps. International World Championship. His rudimental style adds a precise and distinct element to the groups sound. Dugan Corsolin has been playing trombone since he was twelve years old. He is most well-known for his performances with members of the Jim Widener Big Band. Nick Rawlings has been playing bass for twelve years. His extensive background in musical performance spans many genres including rock, blues, jazz, country, and classical. He is most well-known for his performances with the Caravan Trio, the Lofters of Jive, the Bears and the Bees, John Paul and the Flying Circus, Hannis Brown, and Patrick Clark. Nick, Dugan, Austin, Ian, and Keith met at Drury University. Sharing a natural passion for jazz music, the young musicians decided to form their own group. Incomplete without a saxophonist, Kurtis was added to the mix.

We can’t wait!

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