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Fair Trade Shea Butter from Ghana

One new discovery for us this summer has been shea butter. We’d had several products before that used shea, but we had not had pure shea butter before.

IMG_0825We stock 4 lines of shea butter – unscented, vanilla, rosemary and lavender. The scent is derived from essential oils; except for this it is 100% Natural Unrefined Shea Butter. Packaged in calabash gourd with raffia tie close. Purely natural! No chemicals. No preservatives. No color additives. You can buy these 4 shea butters in our online store.

We get the shea butter (the collection is called Slippery Slope Shea Butter) from our friends at Global Mamas; the producer is Ele Agbe Company Limited.

In 1996, Ms. Comfort Akorfa Adjahoe founded Ele Agbe Company Limited with the hopes of providing both quality handmade goods and a decent, supportive employment opportunity for many Ghanaians. While the company also trades jewelry, beads, and home décor items, it also produces the 100% shea body butter and shea soaps that form the core of Global Mamas Trunk Scrub and Slippery Slope product lines.

Through its partnership with Global Mamas, Comfort’s business is able to broaden its access to international markets, increase production, and further its positive effect on the lives of over 50 Ghanaians between operations in Teshie-Nungua and shea butter production Northern Ghana. Producers of Trunk Scrub and Slippery Slope receive a living wage, thorough training, medical coverage, equal treatment in the workplace, and meals during the workday. Comfort also provides training programs for under-educated youth in Accra.

Ele Agbe means ‘God is alive’ in the language of the Ewe people of Ghana’s Volta Region.

You can read more “wiki’ information about shea butter here.

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Trashy Bags from Global Mamas arrive at Global Fayre

The clothing and other items we get from Global Mamas is usually beautiful, and their range is a hit with our customers, but our latest delivery from them this week was just trash.


group shot

Here’s the story behind this really cool range:

“One of the biggest problems in Ghana is trash and pollution. If there were a main product that wholly symbolizes this issue, it would be drink sachets. Drink sachets are the most popular item to buy on the street and highway, and due to this fact, they also account for the majority of litter on the ground. This plastic material is chosen because it is easily accessible and hygienic, but it is far from being bio-degradable, and therefore, takes quite a toll when it is not disposed of properly. However, Trashy Bags has decided to take advantage of this durable material by using these discarded sachets to create purses, wallets, briefcases, etc. Items such as these have a much longer and useful life span than their sachet counterparts with which they are made of.
The main goals of Trashy Bags are not just fulfilling its popular purpose of “cleaning up Ghana,” but also to inform the public about the issue with drink sachets. Every customer, contributor, employee, and business partner of Trashy Bags is educated about this problem in Ghana, what the organization is doing to counteract it, and how a single purchase can greatly contribute to these objectives.”

You can check out the whole range of trash in our online store or better still come and see it in person at our store in downtown Springfield, MO.

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Trunk Scrub Shea Soap from Global Mamas arrives at Global Fayre!

Trunk Scrub?

Shea Soap?

That’s right – we just got our latest delivery from our friends at Global Mamas, and it included a new product line; Trunk Scrub Shea Soap.

Here’s what Global Mamas say about the soap:

It is naturally moisturizing and refreshing, handmade by women in Ghana, and uses pure unrefined shea butter, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide and essential oils.

The pure unrefined shea butter is extracted from the kernels of wild karite trees in Ghana. This African “liquid gold” contains vitamins A and E and minerals that work to moisturize and restore the natural beauty of your skin. It contains natural UV protection and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks”


It comes in three fragrances; lavender, rosemary and tea tree oil – and it smells wonderful!

The packaging is made from 100% recycled polythene plastic from Ghana.

We’ve dealt with Global Mamas ever since we first opened the store; you’ll have seen the too-cute baby and children clothes, plus the cool pj’s and lounge pants. They are a nonprofit, fair trade organization with the mission of empowering women in Africa. They are also members of the World Fair Trade Organization and fellow members of the Fair Trade Federation.

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