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Shades of Black by Ashley Berry

Ashley Berry is a young emerging artist from Kansas City, MO who has high hopes of bringing more “black art” here into Springfield. Ashley’s art is an analytical representation of black history and personal self -discovery. She longs to unravel the truth, not only of her own origin, but also the entire race of her people. Strong evidence of African culture is not prominent prior to slavery in American history.

Shades of Black by Ashley Berry

Shades of Black by Ashley Berry

Without knowing the whereabouts of her ancestors she is left unfilled and disconnected, plagued with questions of where would she be if blacks were never enslaved? How would life differ? What is her destiny? Since she doesn’t know the answers to these questions, she fills in the void with her interpretation of their reality. They convey pride, oppression, and influence that have left a mark within our society. She describes their beauty and authenticity, which is shown as rich, unique, and diverse. This is her personal memoir. These are her people.

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Fair Trade versus Direct Trade

One of our local student papers, The Standard, had an article on fair trade and direct trade today.

Trend to benefit farms‘ included interviews with the owners of Global Fayre, Askinosie’s Chocolate and the Coffee Ethic, with their different viewpoints on fair trade and how and why it differed to direct trade. The article was interesting (and it’s great to see The Standard cover this type of topic) but I think is missed the core point, namely that fair and direct trade are not mutually exclusive. Fair trade does not automatically mean that quality is somehow compromised, or that levels of payment are restricted at an artificially low level.

As it gains in popularity, discussions about fair trade seem to be getting mired down in relatively subtle differences between the different models of fair and direct trade, and the different bodies and certifications available. It feels very like the discussions that centred around the term ‘organic’ 10 years or so ago.

Anyone involved in working with groups in developing countries has, of course, the right to use whatever model works for them. But, it would be great if we could focus more on the real prize, raising awareness with end consumers so that demand for ethically-sourced products increases, and less on the differences between the detail of our particular models of fair or direct trade.

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First Friday at Global Fayre – August 1, 2008


This month we’re delighted to welcome fashion designer Cherrelle Hitchcock, a recent graduate of Missouri State.

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First Friday – April 2008

We’re excited to feature a local artist, Brad Brasser this month.

Well, he’s local now, but he actually hails from South Australia. He’s studying fine art at MSU and works on oil on canvas.


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