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“Autumn” By the children of the Parents’ Cooperative Preschool

Parents’ Cooperative Preschool, Inc. presents a fantastic display of Autumn inspired artwork created by it’s students. PCPS (a non-profit organization) has been serving children ages two and a half through five and their families for over 30 years. The cooperative concept brings parents of our students into the classrooms on a regular basis, thus becoming an integral part of the child’s first formal learning experience. Through this hands-on experience, parents begin to realize more clearly the pleasures of childhood and the challenges of parenthood. For more information on PCPS please visit

Find out more in general about November’s art walk at

We’re delighted to be hosting en exhibition of work by these children (of course, we’re just a little bit biased since our youngest daughter is one of them!)


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Too Hot to Handle

We suddenly hit 80 degrees today – a sharp reminder that it’s time to take the chocolate off the online store for the summer.

Equal Exchange Chocolate

It’s not that we don’t want people to buy Fair Trade chocolate of course – it’s just that the environmental cost of shipping chocolate in hot weather is crazy, and way out of proportion to the benefit to the cocoa growers.

So – if you have a yearning for Fair Trade chocolate and live too far away from Springfield, Missouri to come in to Global Fayre to buy it in person, here’s a couple of suggestions:

1. Check out your local Fair Trade /whole food / grocery store and see what they have to offer. If no local stores stock

Cocoa Beans

Fair Trade chocolate – then ask them to get some!

2. If that doesn’t work, go to TransfairUsa and enter your city name and/or zip code, specify what it is you want to buy, and it will list local retailers stocking Fair Trade products.

3. Make a trip to Springfield! We’re open all year round, 7 days a week in the historic downtown area – surrounded by the coolest galleries. Check out the Springfield art scene here.

4. Abstein for the summer and order from Global Fayre’s online store in October

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First Friday – April 2008

We’re excited to feature a local artist, Brad Brasser this month.

Well, he’s local now, but he actually hails from South Australia. He’s studying fine art at MSU and works on oil on canvas.


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