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First Friday was Fun!

First Friday Art Walk was fun last night.

We were lucky with the weather, and a good crowd came out early on.

Cheri Piche was here for the opening of her wonderful exhibit, Images from Africa and we had the bonus of an unexpected appearance from Randy Buckner, playing jazz guitar. You can check out more about Randy on MySpace and Facebook. Hopefully we’ll convince Randy to come back again, so we can let you know in advance!

Randy Buckner played at Global Fayre for the First Friday Art Walk

Randy Buckner played at Global Fayre for the First Friday Art Walk

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First Friday at Global Fayre, featuring “Images from Africa” by Cher Piche

The First Friday Art Walk (April 3, 6pm to 10 pm) sees the opening of a new exhibit from Cher Piche. “Images of Africa” runs from April 3 to April 26.

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Cher was born in Southern Africa in a time of peace and prosperity, and grew up on a farm enjoying the natural beauty around her. She and her husband lived in Africa for 40years raising 3 children there, before moving to the USA 9 years ago to open a business. They have had ties with the Springfield area for 15 years, and are happily settled on a small acreage just outside town.

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Here’s how Cher describes her work:

My love of sewing and a natural designing ability have allowed me to run my own business for many years, and quilting has become a passion over the last 10years. I soon learned I was not a conventional quilter, and branched out into Art Quilts where I could express my creativity!

I am inspired by God’s creation and love the scenery and animals of the world, which are embellished into my quilts. I do my work mostly freehand on my Longarm machine which has allowed me to express my subjects in a unique style of thread painting.

Please enjoy my quilts as I enjoy making them.

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Zimbabwe Binga Baskets

Our latest additions to the online store today are two beautiful Binga Baskets from Zimbabwe.

We don’t get many of these (though hopefully we will have more soon) so they are unlikely to be in the store for long.

Zimbabwe Binga Basket (Large)

Zimbabwe Binga Basket (Large)

Here’s some background to the baskets:

The remote Binga district is home to the severely disadvantaged BaTonga people. In the early 1960’s, their fertile lands were permanently buried in water during construction of one of the largest man-made lakes in the world, Lake Kariba, and they were forced to relocate to their current lands that are barren and difficult to farm.

Today, some women traditionally still use wild grasses and palm leaves dyed with tree bark to weave intricately patterned baskets. These shallow bowls are still used today to winnowgrains, especially the largest of sizes.

We get these baskets from a wholesaler called Baskets of Africa, (like Global Fayre, they are members of the Fair Trade Federation) and they give this description of what it takes to track them down:

Due to the politics in Zimbabwe, these baskets are becoming more difficult to come by. It was no easy task before the political situation began to heat up…

To start collecting, a two day bus trip out to the Binga area is taken with much of the second day being on dirt roads. Then our representative walks miles and miles to go hut by hut to find the ambuyas, the elderly grandmothers that still weave the higher quality baskets. He carries the baskets back to the bus depot and brings them to the capital city of Harare for tagging, packing and shipping to the US.

Why do we collect baskets in this manner instead of buying from consolidators and middlemen? This is the only way we can fully ensure that the weavers are paid fairly for their work while also ensuring we locate the highest quality Binga baskets available.

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Traditional Copper Measuring Bowls from Nepal

We got some beautiful new pieces yesterday from our friends at Ganesh Himal Trading. (we’ve been dealing with Ganesh ever since we formed Global Fayre and got involved in the Fair Trade movement)

Amongst them was a set of traditional copper measuring bowls from Nepal. They are so beautiful that we had to add them to the Global Fayre Online Store.

Of course, they are on the shelves in our store in downtown Springfield as well, so hopefully some of our regulars will get to see them before they are snapped up…..

Here’s an image of one of them:

Large copper measuring Bowl from Nepal

Large copper measuring Bowl from Nepal

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Global Fayre Online Store

Global Fayre has just opened a second store…this time an online one

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First Friday at Global Fayre – February 2009

Our exhibit this month is Commonalities by Josie Mai

Commonalities by Josie Mai

Commonalities by Josie Mai

Seven works on paper reflect the imagery, color, pattern and spirit of a meditation on Boyer’s commonalities. The mixed-media paintings are variations on the thematic imagery of a figure, the literal text of the commonalities, the mandala, the vessels, and the fabric. They hopefully challenge the viewer toward positive reflection and change toward unity rather than divisiveness.

Boyer’s commonalities*: All of us experience the cycles of life. All of us develop symbols. All of us respond to the aesthetic. All of us have the capacity to recall the past and anticipate the future. All of us develop some forms of social bonding. All of us are connected to the ecology of the planet. All of us produce and consume. All of us seek meaning and purpose. (*Education in a Multicultural World by Ernest Boyer)

Josie Mai is Assistant Professor of Art at Missouri Southern State University, Visual Arts Faculty at Missouri Fine Arts Academy, and the Director of Soulfari Kenya Inc, a non-profit engaged in humanitarian service in Kenya. She has an undergraduate degree from the University of Kansas in art education and a masters of fine arts degree from Parsons School of Design in New York City.

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First Friday Art Walk, August 1st

It’s been a quiet month in Downtown Springfield – but the August First Friday Art Walk is nearly upon us.

You can view the August newsletter at under the Art Walk Newsletter tab. View it now at
We’ll tell you more about what’s on at Global Fayre later…….

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Books at Global Fayre

Books at Global Fayre

We’re steadily adding to the range of the books that we carry at Global Fayre. Here’s a brief review of what we have at the moment. If you have any suggestions for other books that you feel our customers might enjoy, then let us know!
Bella’s Chocolate Surprise (Adam Guillain and Elke Steiner) $8.95
It’s Bella’s birthday and Mum’s made Bella her favourite chocolate cake. But just what is chocolate made of and where does it come from? With the help of her friend the Quetzal bird, Bella harneses the powers of her mystical pendant and flies to Ghana in West Africa to discover much more than she bargained for.
Fair Trade:A Beginner’s Guide (Jacqueline DeCarlo) $14.95
Author and activist Jacqueline DeCarlo explains the principles behind Fair Trade and its development into a powerful economic tool. Packed with inspiring ways to make a difference, this book will encourage readers of all backgrounds to help end poverty, environmental destruction, and human exploitation.
The Conscious Consumer: Promoting Economic Justice Through Fair Trade (Rose Benz Ericson) $3.95
Helps the reader to: understand how Fair Trade relationships enhance the quality of life for producers; interact with a global community taking action to ease inequalities wrought by traditional trade structures; discover the growing array of fairly traded products now readily available.

Extending the Table: Recipes from Argentina to Zambia (Joetta Handrich Schlabach) $21.00
An opportunity for cooks to learn about our world and its wide variety of flavorful foods. Sit at the table with people you have never met, taste the flavors of their food, feel the warmth of their friendship, and learn from their experiences.

Simply in Season: Recipes that celebrate fresh, local foods (Mary Beth Lind and Cathleen Hockman-Wert) $21.00
Providing recipes and reasons to eat seasonal foods grown locally. Eating in season is a great way to improve your health, support local farmers and help the environment.

Simply in Season Children’s Cookbook (Mark Beach and Julie Kauffman) $21.00
Each season this cookbook takes you out to the garden, into the kitchen and around the table to enjoy fresh food. Fun with food from garden to table.

More-with-Less (Doris Janzen Longacre) $21.00
Suggestions by Mennonites on how to eat better and consume less of the world’s limited food resources.

the world of street food (Troth Wells) $19.95
Sizzling, stirring, frying – delicious fresh street food served up in a trice before your eyes. Now you can cook real fast food at home with these 100 best recipes from around the world – easy, quick dishes sampling the deights of street food.

The Bittersweet World of Chocolate (Troth Wells and Nikki van der Gaag) $19.95
For many people, one of the most enjoyable pleasures is a delicious piece of chocolate. The The Bittersweet World of Chocolate explores the story of this delectable food, as well as offering 50 recipes from around the world. It reveals an eventful history and explains why more of us are buying Fair Trade chocolate.

Tree of Life: The World of the African Baobab (Barbara Bush) $7.95
Describes the life cycle of a tree that lives on the African savannah and the insects, birds, and animals that reply on it for home, food and survival. Illustrated by breathtaking watercolors portraying the sparse African landscape.

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Farewell Well Fed Head Books

You are probably aware by now of the impending move of Well Fed to the Freemont Center on Battlefield Road. KOLR10 covered the move on Thursday.

We’d barely started to get to know Mike and Beth, but from the little contact we have had, we know that we are losing good neighbors. I know from talking with Mike that he was passionate about helping downtown to revive and grow, but frustrated too at the stop/start rate of progress. At times too, it can seem like the odds are stacked against downtown traders – just now we have the combination of high gas prices and an economic downswing, coupled with Campbell Street having been a no-go zone for the past few months because of construction work.

We hope that Mike and Beth get the results they wish for in their new location. We also hope that we get another great neighbor when the new tenant arrives at the old Well Fed location. In the same vein, we’re really excited about the gallery space opening at Corner Printers, and we hear too that the empty building next to Hot Glass Studio is about to open back up. Progress downtown is always stop/start – but let’s just hope that we’re headed in the right direction in the long term.

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Our Downtown Neighbors

When Cheri and I decided to make downtown the home for Global Fayre, we knew a number of key things: we liked downtown, it had a good representation of our core customers, we absolutely wanted to be part of the First Friday Art Walk….the list goes on.

What we didn’t know much about was our neighbors. We had been in to most of the stores down here, and the restaurants too, but had not spent enough time to get to know the people operating them. The real bonus for us since we’ve been here is just how great our neighbors are. I won’t name names, because I’m bound to miss someone and that would NOT be good – but if you’ve visited Global Fayre then you know who else is in the immediate neighborhood – and I have to say they are best that we could ask for.

So this is just a simple note to say THANK YOU to our neighbors, one and all – we’re very happy to be here! 

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