Global Fayre presents: An acoustic set from the archimedian pOiNt

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We already blogged about this coming First Friday Art Walk, so you will know that we are featuring an acoustic set from the archimedian pOiNt, so we thought we’d tell you a little more about the band and their debut album “genre specific”.

Here’s how Jeremy and Daren describe themselves:

“gIvE mE a PoInT oN wHiCh tO sTaNd, AnD i WiLL mOvE tHe EaRtH”

These immortal words written by Archimedes are known today as the Archimedian Point. Hoping to personify this brilliant idea through music, the point hopes to instill positivity back into the community while staying socially aware and promoting global activism.

The members of the archimedian point (Jeremy Shelton on vocals/ guitar and Daren Hudson on drums/ vocals) aim to restore amiable experience back into existence via musical journeys with the public as the prime passenger. With the blending of styles and lyrical content that does more than s-p-e-l-l itself, the point might be able to awaken the sunshine slumbering in your soul……It all depends on YOU………

The point released their debut album, ‘genre specific’ on June 6, 2009

It was reviewed by Rice B on

“genre specific” is a most curious title for the debut 6-song CD by, the archimedian pOiNt, because within its rocking but accessible grooves are the kind of stylistic shifts that render such labels as metal, progressive rock, thrash, or post grunge simply inadequate. Yes, “genre specific” can boast tasteful and well-executed excursions into these more or less identifiable genres, but such exclamations are carried only in service of the song, and never as superfluous window dressing. Promoting an agenda of social consciousness and global awareness, songs like “Overdrive” & “Relic” rock with fierce – and classic hard rock (think Rush, Fugazzi, System of a Down) intensity, while the mix of acoustic guitar with sampled George W. Bush speechifyin’ in “Hubris” recalls nothing less than G’n’R-like grandeur. But in the languid lead vocal of “Nemesis Domesticus” an echo of Kurt Cobain gives way to the sonic charge of thundering guitar riffs that Led Zeppelin began perfecting four decades ago. All in all, the CD “genre specific” by, the archimedian pOiNt, is a very promising blast of rock bravado from an undersized behemoth (it’s a 2-man group) with hard rocking roots

What: An acoustic set from the archimedian pOiNt

When: July 3, 2009, around 7pm onwards

Where: Global Fayre, 324 S Campbell, Springfield, MO 65806

More info:

Global Fayre (417-873-9792)

Jeremy Shelton (417-830-9841)


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First Friday Art Walk at Global Fayre, July 3rd 2009 James Radke photographs now available in Global Fayre online store

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