Telephone Wire Baskets

March 19, 2009 at 18:00 Leave a comment

We added some of our beautiful Fair Trade telephone wire baskets to the Global Fayre online store today.

These are incredible, intricately designed baskets, some using accents of bare copper wire.

Telephone Wire Baskets

Telephone Wire Baskets

The past and the future are fused together in the creation of this beautiful basket, Zulu weavers have taken the intricate designs and incredible craftsmanship of their natural fiber baskets, and turned them into brightly-colored art from plastic-coated wire. Mesmerizing designs and vibrant colors are a hallmark of this functional art.

We’re looking forward to adding more when we get another shipment from our friend Cael at Baskets of Africa. Cael is a fellow member of the Fair Trade Federation and is focused exclusively on finding great baskets and giving his weavers a route to market. Here’s how Cael describes Baskets of Africa:

We are a company that represents unique baskets from throughout the African continent. These one-of-a-kind pieces of functional artwork are woven only by local African craftspeople who share our commitment to top quality.
— We believe in promoting the weavers from various African nations in order to help the weavers (especially women) with economic development. We believe that by weaving baskets in a traditional manner, the weavers of Africa are preserving their cultural heritage and advancing themselves financially. We would like to support this endeavor throughout Africa.
— We are members of the Fair Trade Federation, an organization that shares our strong belief that indigenous people around the world should be compensated fairly for their amazing work.
— We always operate under a blanket of trust and respect with the weavers and craft co-ops we represent.
— We feel that our business offers the customer a win-win situation: by purchasing one of our rare finds, you are not only getting a wonderful, hand-made basket for your home or business, you are also contributing to the preservation of African culture and helping a tribesperson become financially independent. It’s a true economic partnership in every sense of the word.

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