Uplifting Humanity thru Harmony

June 17, 2008 at 13:53 Leave a comment

One of the unexpected joys of opening the doors to Global Fayre was that we would get to hear about some of the fantastic things members of the Springfield community are doing to ease the plight of less fortunate people around the world. It seems like every week brings us in to contact with a new person, project or group working with a community in need. Sometimes the community in need is close to home, often it is on the other side of the world. Yet hearing the story always brings that community closer, and makes their plight more real, refuelling our commitment to help them help themselves.

A group that has recently emerged in Springfield is Ethiopian Child. Their mission is to bring aid to the hearing-impaired children of Ethiopia. These children are nearly always neglected, often abused or worse, and are in desperate need of the basic things in life; food, clothing and education. Ethiopian Child holds its first fund-raising event this evening (June 17) with a gig at the Gillioz called Uplifting Humanity thru Harmony (tickets $10). Starting at 7:00pm, there’s a great line-up, with performances from Alea and Alexa Kilgore and Alexander Washington, and talks from Patrick Mureithi and Sesha Shannon.

If you do make it to the concert tonight, and want to make your donation go even further, save your half of the ticket stub and show it when you next come in to Global Fayre. 10% of whatever you spend on that visit will go to Ethiopian Child.

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